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grazing tables

With each Grazing table a coordinator is required to set up.

They will set up and arrange all produce according to which grazing table is selected. We do not provide tables, so they will need to be provided for us. The tables can take 1-3 hours to set up depending on which size is chosen. (Please note, if the bigger tables are purchased we will need an additional staff member to help set up)

Small Graze

This is designed for  20 ppl approx 1 meter long

Includes delivery and set up                                                 


Medium Graze

This is designed for 30 - 40 ppl approx 2 meters long

Includes delivery and set up


Large Graze

This is designed for 50 - 60 ppl approx 3 meters long

Includes delivery and set up

*please note, if large graze is chosen, an additional staff member will be required  at $30 per hour


Ever so Extra Graze

This is designed for 100 ppl approx 4 meters long

Includes delivery and set up

*please note, if ever so extra graze is chosen, an additional staff member will be required at $30 per hour


What's in the Graze?

  •  Breads & crackers, fresh Turkish bread, A variety of Sough dough, assorted lavish crackers, bread sticks & gluten free crackers

  • Fruit & Veg will be according to seasonal produce

  • A Vast variety of Fruit and Nuts, ranging from almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts along side many other variety's of nuts. Dried fruit includes, figs, sultanas, apricots & dates.

  • Cheeses included are brie, Camembert, Gouda, Swiss, fruit flavored & blue vein. Dairy free options such as goat, mini col, and lactose free are also available.

  • A variety of dips are also available, such as eggplant, pesto, pastes such as pear & fig, sun- dried tomato, egg, hummus as well as gluten & dairy free variety's. 

  • Assorted meats include, prosciutto, salami, Kabana, smoked ham, Mortadella & other variety's available at time of purchase, the meats chosen are gluten free.

  • Olives include pitted, black, green & what is in season. Pickled eggplant, capsicum, pickles, artichokes & mushrooms 

  • A small amount of sweets are also included. 


We love to offer variety and diversity to each of our grazing tables. We are passionate about what we do, and enjoy adding a splash of uniqueness for each graze chosen. You are valued ! And  because you are valued , we want to thank  and  celebrate  you  with  a bottle of  Champagne each time you choose us. 

What else do I need to Know?

*Delivery - If travel time is more than 30 mins  from our location, a travel fee of $50 will be required on top of the set prices

* Deposit/Payment - A 50% deposit is required a week before the event. Full payment will be required 48 hours before the event.

* Change of Mind - If for any reason you change your mind and no longer wish to go ahead with the grazing palette, please note that 20% of your deposit will not be refundable